Program Ad Update


Good Evening,

All ads have to be turned in by July 28, 2017 I am extending it until then in hopes the boys will SELL, SELL, SELL. So far there have been very few ads turned in. 21 out of 100 players have sold an ad to date. We have sold $14,000 in ads. Last year we sold $25,000 worth. We have decided to extend the date of ad sales for two more weeks. The last day that we can accept ads will be Saturday July 28th. After that date the program has to go to the printer. Coach Holley has been made aware of who has sold ads and who has not.

All parents were told at our first meeting three months ago that each player was expected to sell three ads. This is our largest fundraiser of the year and it is imperative that this is a success for the future of Whitewater football. This and all of our other fundraisers is what offsets the costs of equipment and all other expenses that are necessary to run our football program. Without this funding we will be forced to increase fees resulting in more out of pocket expense for parents. Please don’t expect for someone else to sell these ads, we need all 100 players to get busy to make this fundraiser a success over the next two weeks. Please let your team moms know if there are questions. If you have any questions about ads please feel free to email me at or call or text me at (678) 472-8784

Thanks, Missy

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